HIKARI   David Favrod_HIKARI_Le bunker  
      Le bunker, 2012
      archival pigment print / oak frame
      signed, dated and numbered verso
      image size : 59 x 75 cm
      paper size : 63 x 79cm
      edition of 3 plus 2 artist's proofs
      A few weeks after the explosion of the atomic bombs, scientists saw that the flash of the bomb had discolored
      the walls that were still standing.. The bomb had left marks corresponding to the projections of objects, bodies
      and street furniture, like a photographic projection. The heat due to heat radiation made visible shadows on
      the ground. Shadows could be a man who stood at the time of the tragedy and had somehow 'protected' the wall
      from the bomb. It was the same with a ladder, a valve or pylons of a bridge.